Massage Services at U-Knead-Me Massage Services!

Massage Therapy Services in our Madison, Ohio office. We have many modalities to get your goals met for Your specific medical needs.

You may schedule massage therapy appointments or get additional information about our professional massage therapy services here. We hope you enjoy your stay and visit again soon.

We are Unique because of our approach to fixing your muscle problems. Our staff members work to help you achieve balance in your structure and live a better life. You won't find a "fluffy" massage here, or any light techniques that, while they feel great, they don't help you once you leave the office. Of course, we can provide relaxation massage services for those who want it, our focus is on Repetitive Use injuries and Muscle Release Therapy.

Massage therapy (or Massotherapy or Medical Massage for our definition) is one of the most powerful methods of treating soft tissue disorders in the alternative medicine realm. In our relaxing, Lake County facility, we manipulate your soft tissue to bring about positive changes in your pain level or tension brought about by: stress, repetitive use, injury or plain busy lifestyles. We custom design each massage session during your course of treatment, tailoring your massage to your specific needs every time you visit us. Our professional team is very dedicated to improve your health using every method we have. You don't have to worry about "choosing" what style of massage you want- we always will use what is appropriate and you won't have to use buzz words like "Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, PNF, Cranial-Sacral, Muscle Release Technique, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Neuromuscular, Thai Massage" etc, etc, etc. because we use a combination of these to work with you appropriately.

The services we perform in our Madison, Ohio facility are as follows: Massage Therapy(multiple modalities), Muscle Release Therapy (our specialty), Hot Stone Therapy and Ashiatsu. Any of these modalities can bring about pain relief and many medical benefits.

Our therapists are all licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board for Medical Massage and are members of professional massage therapy organizations that are committed to the advancement and professionalism of our profession. If you would like to know more about these professional organizations, please visit their web sites at Massage Therapy Association) or (Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals)

We are currently working on pages for our individual therapists so they can provide information on some specific areas of interest that they hold. See our Meet the Therapists page and see who has pages up, it might be your therapist! We love Lake County!