About your Doctor and Prescriptions for Massage Therapy at U-Knead-Me Massage Services

Get a script from your doctor for massage therapy from your doctor and avoid having to pay tax on your medical massage therapy treatments.

Want to avoid paying sales tax for all of your future Massage Therapy Treatments? Ask your Doctor, Chiropractor or Nurse Practitioner to write you a prescription for your massage therapy. The prescription needs only to say "Massage As Needed" to be valid, but can contain any information that your doctor wants to include for us. As far as insurance is concerned, I wouldn't bet on having them pay for any of your treatments. However, this is plan-specific, so call your insurance company and ask if Massage Therapy is provided as a "stand alone" service with a Licensed Massage Therapist. Have your ICD-9 diagnostic code from your Doctor available for the insurance company representative and then ask them if CPT code 97124 is indicated for your diagnosis. If you have any questions about this, contact us for more information and we will see if we can help you out! If you need a referral form for your doctor to fill out, then go here and print this one.