Testimonials from massage therapy patients at U-Knead-Me Massage Services

Honestly, the best recommendations for a service are from the awesome testimonials we get from you, our patients. Thank you so much for the feedback on the work we do. Please note: these quotes are taken verbatim from our patients and may have errors in them. We keep it "real" for you, so please excuse any grammar or spelling errors you may find. If you have a testimonial of your own about our massage therapy services, please contact us with it. Enjoy the reading!

--When my cat got old it liked to sleep on my chest and shoulders at night. When she passed away I could finally roll over on my stomach to sleep. Since I hadn't been able to do this for a long time I guess I was using different muscles. I was going to Germany in a week and a half. When I got going for the day I had horrible pain down my buttocks and leg. How was I going to sit on a plane for eight hours and do a lot of walking when I got there? My daughter suggested going to you. I got in two sessions and some advice before I left. I did your
recommended stretches during my trip that helped greatly. I could walk(sometimes slowly), only took pain medicine a few times. I figured when I came home in two weeks I would have to come back for another treatment. By the time I returned I had a little discomfort that was gone
in several days. With out the sessions the trip could have been the trip from hell. Thank you!
--Mike is very professional and personable.I have been suffering with heel spurs and plantar faciitis for almost a year.With only a few visits with Mike,I feel 90% better.I will continue with treatment and exercise.

--My wife hurt her back and they came in to fix her right away. she has had back problems for awhile and they were able to losen her up to were she can walk again the people there are friendly and do all that that can to make you feel at home and comfortable.

--I have received massages there and talk about a relaxing atmosphere! The dim lights, low music and wonderful employees put you at ease. Not to mention the massages are wonderful!!!

--Very personable. I never feel rushed. I always feel like my needs are important.

--My husband says that Mike at U-Knead-Me Massage Services is the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks Mike for making my husband feel better.

--I have an unusual situation, my wife works for a chiropractor and I have been going there for almost a year being treated three times a week for free. (Free because my wife works there) He charges $36.00 per visit so it should be costing me $108.00 per week to go there. He works on you for about 5 minutes, at the most, having you on a table on your stomach and bending your legs down while he pushes on your back and then you get 15 minutes on a table that rolls up & down your back with some electric pads before my treatment. He must help some people because he has over a hundred patients, but he wasn't helping me and that's why I came to you. So I had to explain to him, thanks for the free $108.00 worth of treatment, but I'm now going to go to a massage therapist who is helping me, namely you Mike.
Why does massage work and a doctor doesn't? Two reasons I believe. 1. I believe that my muscles are the cause of all my problems and your massage gets them to relax and then I can hear my back popping back into place. 2. I believe that you care. That caring causes you to try harder. That's the difference. It's not about the money! In any case I have given your card to two people so far. Thanks Mike!
--I've been using then to relieve my lower back pain / siatica pain. Thanks to Mike the owner I'm pain free. Great muscle relaese massages.

--We have used the services at U-Knead-Me for several years and have been very satisfied. The facilities are nice and the staff is very pleasant.

--Before I came to U Knead Me Massage I could barely get out of bed in the morning. At 30, my doctor told me my neck and lumbar spine were that of a 65 year old woman, and that I would need surgery on both within 8-10 years. After the first session with Mike I was able to touch my toes, something I haven't been able to do in years. The neck stretching was wonderful, and it has made my stress headaches a thing of the past. After regular sessions with Mike, my neck and back feel better than they have in years. I am past the 8-10 year mark for the surgery my doctor predicted I would need, and I feel better than I did in my 30's. I would highly recommend trying massage therapy. The results have been amazing and have changed my life.
--I have had an ongoing shoulder problem and went to Mike who is wonderful. He gives an excellent massage. He is a very down to earth guy who makes you feel comfortable. Whatever you need done, he will work on only that issue if that is what you request. I would highly recommend anyone to go to U-Knead-Me if you are in need of some great therapy so to speak. Massage is very healthy for you, so it cannot hurt.

--It changed my life from back pain to comfort, from stress to relaxation and U-Knead-Me is simply the best there is in this regard

--Fibromyalgia had left me feeling 20 years older than I was when I had my first appointment with Mike. I described how and where I was hurting & how I could barely function anymore. He told me "much of your pain will be gone by the time you get off this table". I appreciated his confidence, but GLORY BE---he was right!!! I felt as if I was given a second chance at life. I cannot recommend this business highly enough---Mike's Muscle Release Therapy and Deep Tissue massages will help you in ways that pharmaceuticals never will. And his rates are extremely reasonable. Make an appointment!!!!!!!!!
--Before I came to U-Knead-Me Massage services, I was in constant pain. My doctor had me on nerve blocks and I was constantly popping pain medications. After having treatments with Mike, I have stopped the nerve blocks and only take Advil once in a great while, thank you!! After I've suffered for many years with daily pain, I can now say that I am PAIN FREE every day. In fact, I don't remember EVER feeling this well.

--Mike is awesome - finds all the kinks and works them out. Atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. Good value.

--Mike and Traci are so nice and polite. They are very professional and they do a wonderful job. They make all my aches and pains go away, not just temporarily either. When they fix it, it is gone.

--Mike is an excellent therapist and his committment to his patients' healing and well-being makes it a pleasure to get a massage at his facility.

--Well trained, experienced, caring, great facility......"no brainer"

--It's very relaxing. Tracie talks with you to understand where the stress or tension is and she can best give you the relief you want.

--No one has ever helped me this much. I've been to pain management MDs, chiropractors and GP MDs to no avail, but now that I've been coming to Mike, I have hope that I'll get better. The reason? After ONE Treatment, I had better RESULTS than anyone else ever had ever given me! Thank you!! The numbness in my arm has gone away completely and my neck hasnot moved this good in 15 years since I've been disabled. Thankyou for not being afraid to work on me. Many other providers were afraid to touch me and you have made a believer out of me. Now, I look forward to my treatments every week, knowing that my mental and physical self will feel much better when I leave.

--Staff is great, Traci gives the best massage ever, always feel good when I leave there.

--They really help with getting your body aligned. Not just a massage, but a real body tuning. I would tell anyone with any kind of pain or problem in there legs or back, to try this before going for surgery or other treatment

--The staff is the best in their field,and a very relaxing atmosphere

--My husband has been going to U-Knead-Me for about 5 years and I have been going for nearly a year. They are the best around! I would recommend them to anyone.

--U Knead Me provides excellent professional massage services. I have been a client of U Knead Me for several years and they are very knowledgeable in various massage techniques to help minimize and relieve pain. Also, their online appointment scheduling is an awesome tool. Its so easy and convenient to use. If I need a last minute appointment, I can check the online calendar and see what is available. I have recommended U Knead Me to all my friends and family. Many thanks to U Knead Me for helping me manage my pain.

--After being diagnosed with arthritis (at 40!) I came to U-Knead-Me with specific problem areas and came away feeling relaxed and hopeful that there were options for my pain! Traci was an angel!

--After months of coventional treatment and drugs or the pain in my low back, I am thankful a friend referred me to Mike at U Knead Me, he is a caring man with "healing hands" I now have very little pain and the range of movement that I had 40 years ago.
Triathlons have been my passion for the last 7 years, starting at the age of 53. For three years, straight I was able to race in the Cleveland Triathlons- Super Sprint and Sprint Levels. Due to increasing my running distance too fast, I suffered from Achilles heel and plantar fasciitis. Over the next 4 years, Orthopedic Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and three different orthotics didn't seem to help. Upon attending a LHS Runner's Clinic I met Mike. I was thrilled to hear his words of encouragement that he had great success with my specific injuries and would work with me to achieve my goal of racing again in the Cleveland Triathlon. Over the next 4 months Mike diligently used his expertise and techniques to help me heal. He advised me on stretches to do at home, as well as coached me on my training schedule. The results were a dream comes true! I was able to race again and win my division 55-59. Now I look forward to racing into my 60's.
Thank you, Mike, for believing in me and helping me fulfill an important goal in my life.

--I personally go to U-Knead-Me as a stress relief. I have recommended them to several people who had severe back pain or neck pain etc. All were amazed at the wonderful results they experienced.